Category: Young Adults

  • Translation… and contraception!

    The Italian version of the Vatican-sponsored World Youth Day catechism says that Christian couples “can and should” use “contraceptive methods” – apparently caused by a problem in the original German text.

  • How Facebook Killed the Church

    Why are Millennials leaving the church? It’s simple. Mobile social computing has replaced the main draw of the traditional church: Social connection and affiliation. Basically, Facebook killed the church. May it rest in peace.

  • Praying for Gay Youth

    This past Wednesday in our seminary chapel, gay youth were prayed for, holding up their dignity as cherished by God and worthy of love, care and protection from abusive language and action.

  • Where are the young people?

    It’s one of the most common worries of every parish: Where are the young adults? Why aren’t there more of them in the pews?

  • What novices think about liturgy

    Saint John’s Abbey is blessed to have seven novices this year. PrayTell readers will be interested in their views on liturgy.

  • Camino to Compostela

    La Cigüeña de la Torre reports that 2,200 young people from Madrid have set out by foot on the pilgrimage path to the shrine of St. James in Compostela.

  • Archbishop Di Noia about young people

    Archbishop Augustine Di Noia, OP, Secretary of the Holy See’s Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments, has some highly interesting comments on young Catholics in today’s culture.

  • “Hello Rome” – and a “Reply” from the Pope

    Here is the “longest protest song in the world” from the Catholic Youth of Upper Austria.

  • What Are Young People Like?

    This is very interesting and the presentation is user-friendly. The KCs and the Marists have conducted a survey of American Millennials (age 18 to 29) on spirituality – moral values, world views, religious experiences, and social issues. They seem to be interested in spirituality, relativistic (to use a slippery term) on morality, and concerned about…