Author: Richard Giles

  • The King James Bible

    Literature or sacred Scriptures?

  • Food from the Cupboard

    The surprise came at the communion when, having communicated himself, the priest went immediately to the tabernacle at the apse to bring the Reserved Sacrament to the altar for the communion of the faithful.

  • Royal Wedding Liturgy

    The marriage of Prince William to Catherine Middleton was a fairytale event in a troubled world. They are a highly popular young couple and everyone wishes them well. All the more disappointing therefore was the fact that the wedding rite seemed so far adrift from people of their age group, and from the life of…

  • Generosity of Spirit

    There are ways, when we design or re-design our liturgical spaces, in which buildings set aside for Christian worship might be made more hospitable to all seekers after God, particularly to those of other Abrahamic faiths… This is a corrective of vital importance in this age when extremism threatens to engulf all three Abrahamic religions,…

  • Stations of the Cross

    Although I find new liturgical architecture generally inspiring, one feature of new church buildings which usually leaves much to be desired is the treatment of the Stations by which the faithful are enabled to follow the way of the Cross.

  • Roman Catholic/Anglican Relations

    “We have travelled a very long way in the last 40 years – backwards.”

  • East & West

    While on holiday in the Dodecanese recently I made my way each Sunday to the town’s church to attend the Divine Liturgy according to the Greek Orthodox Rite. Here are a few observations based just on two Sundays on one Greek island.

  • Summer “What We’re Reading” Wednesday

    Having seen ‘Oh What a Lovely War’ on the stage recently, a musical which satirises the senseless carnage of World War I, I felt the need to read in detail about how the War began and how it was conducted.

  • The Challenge of Non-Liturgical Churches

    Here is a veritable army of new Christians, springing up everywhere, who have apparently, as far as worship is concerned, turned their back on all we hold dear in the liturgical churches.