Author: Johan van Parys

  • Perspectives on Catholic architecture: a response to Dennis McNamara

    The unmistakable thread running through Dr. McNamara’s book is that there is one true faith, one true liturgy, and one truly sacred style of architecture: the classical tradition. It is surprising that he touts one architectural tradition as the one true expression of his principles.

  • With Corpus Christi fresh in our memory

    As I made my way back to the hotel I stumbled over a man who was sleeping in the street. Only then did I notice that several large cardboard boxes lined the avenue. A man crawled out of one of them and asked me for money saying he was hungry. The pathway connecting both churches…

  • Of Spirit and Soul

    I have read books about it for years. I have attended conferences, workshops and retreats. And yet, I am not sure I can define it. I am referring to spirituality. Spirituality is so often spoken about, and yet, it is in essence unspeakable; it is the topic of great lectures and the result of much…