Author: John Foley, SJ

  • The Truth?

    Michele Somerville is the author of a December 1 article in the Huffington Post, “The Truth Behind the Godawful New (Old) Roman Catholic Missal”.

  • More accurate translation????

    I want a more faithful translation.

  • The Editor and the Letter

    Fr. Anthony has published an open letter to the Bishops. I think it is important and the act of a dedicated man. In commenting I want to make what I think is a needed observation about obedience and collegiality. I also provide a link to the entire letter, in case PrayTell readers have missed the…

  • O Radix Jesse: O Root of Jesse

    I think the ancients were quite accurate. Waiting is nearly the essence of human lives. Patience is one of our greatest needs. The only one that trumps it is the need, or rather, desire, for God-with-us. Love is on the way. Advent is worth its weight in waiting.

  • First things first

    The Trinity, the Paschal Mystery, and music at Mass. How do they relate? Call me crazy, but I think each provides a key to the others.

  • What the meaning of the word is is

    In this translation it seems that we are to choose good or evil with no special Divine aid. But this is the very definition of Pelagianism.

  • Three Judgments?

    What is so important about the “three judgments” for choosing Mass music? They are not just rubrical adjustments, but foundations of the very purpose of Mass itself. A parish-wide and diocese-wide solution should be found.

  • On Words at the Mass

    At the Preparation of the Gifts in the present translation of the Mass we might hear, “Through your goodness we have this spread to offer. . . .” And consider its companion prayer, a great misfortune: “Through your goodness we have this swine to offer. . .”