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  • Pope Benedict faces unrest in his native land

    73% of the general population in Germany say the Catholic Church should implement reforms such as optional celibacy and women’s ordination

  • NYTimes on the KJ Bible… and the new missal

    The most powerful religious language is often a little elevated and incantatory, even ambiguous or just plain hard to understand.

  • Easter Vision

    Many Christian institutions are facing decline in their attendance, giving, missionaries and students. Amidst the decay, what would it mean to have an Easter vision for a Christian institution? What is required to carve away the decay and find redemption?

  • Jesus on trial

    During Lent, the Church of the Holy Comforter used Virginia law to retry the sentencing phase of the blasphemy case against Jesus of Nazareth. Church members and guests played the role of the jury.

  • Weary from Within

    [T]here are also aspects of the inner life of the Church that are helping to making us weary. Many Catholics are working against Vatican II by criticising it and distancing themselves from it; by working against ecumenism and the liturgical reform.

  • Everett A. Diederich, r.i.p.

    Father Everett A. Diederich, S.J., 1920 – 2011, died on Wednesday. He was scholar in residence and chaplain to the staff of the Stroble Center for Liturgy in St. Louis.

  • American Seminarians Pack Stational Liturgy in Rome

    “I said ‘Bravo, let’s put this on steroids. Let’s make this part of our college Lenten spiritual regimen,'” [Archbishop Timothy] Dolan said Thursday from New York. “It’s an act of penance. Is there anything colder, damper than taking off on a dark Roman morning … to walk a half hour to a church? That’s what…

  • Open Thread 4/19/11

    An open thread offers a space in which readers can propose and discuss topics that interest them in the area of prayer and worship.

  • Meditations on the Crucifixion by Sandra Bowden

    Sandra Bowden’s “Crucifixion” series is a series of four meditations on the death of Christ.