Author: David Fagerberg

  • Wishing you a Not-so-Merry Christmas

    A Chestertonian view of Christmas. “… there is in that image a true idea of an outpost, of a piercing through the rock and an entrance into an enemy territory. There is in this buried divinity an idea of undermining the world; of shaking the towers and palaces from below; even as Herod the great…

  • On a Lapsed Symbol

    DF: They won’t understand your intention. DWF: But it’s not complicated. I just have a question. Questions are what academics do. DF: But it’s a politicized issue, and people will think you’re advocating one thing or denying another thing. DWF: But surely I can raise an observation. DF: It’s your skin. Go ahead. DWF: Well,…

  • Summer “What We’re Reading” Wednesday II

    August 15 is my birthday. When people ask why I became Catholic I reply “Because Jesus still can’t refuse his mother anything.”

  • Benedict on the new liturgical movement

    The prescient John Allen says a moto proprio on marriage is forthcoming, in which the Holy Father will comment also on liturgy, if briefly.

  • Finger and a face

    Two years ago I committed one of the more heroic acts in my life. I drove in Italy. To locate my valor more precisely, I drove through Pisa to take my family to see “The Leaning Tower Of.” Until that trip, my wife and children did not know my head could rotate so nimbly, or…

  • Notes from abroad

    My wife and I are just recently back from two weeks in Poland and Ukraine. I would like to share some impressions cursorily, and one at some greater length.

  • Unfolding the Mystery of Christ: Exploring Liturgical Time

    Here is a moment, and on the surface it doesn’t last any longer than any other moment. But the same length of time can sometimes be filled with a content that is bigger than the moment that contains it. Its inside is bigger than its outside.

  • Sacramentalism and Brights

    It’s tough to be a sacramentalist in a world of brights.

  • Job Description for Liturgical Musicians

    My interest here is to share one passage which shakes up our notion of temple musicians.