Author: Clare Johnson

  • And so it begins…

    June 11, 2011: Pentecost Sunday (vigil) in a local western Sydney parish brought with it the first in-liturgy use of the new translation[…] The liturgy had more of a feeling of ‘classroom’ than prayer-event at times.

  • Surprise encounter with the new translation

    At a 9.15am memorial mass yesterday in the Broken Bay diocese (neighbouring diocese to Sydney, Australia), I was surprised to find that the new translation of Eucharistic Prayer III was prayed (without prior announcement that this would be the case).

  • Advent-purple trees

    As the late spring slides into early summer, and the new Church year begins, the colour purple dotting the landscape of Sydney is a natural reminder of Advent.

  • Australia finally has its first Saint!

    On October 17, 2010 in Rome, Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop was canonized. All of Australia is buzzing with excitement and pride.

  • Praying the new translation

    It may be that the novelty of praying the new translation for the first time (while also knowing that it is not yet officially what we have to pray) will wear off upon weekly/daily repetition. It may be that concentrating on singing the chant correctly distracted me somewhat from concentrating on the text as much.…

  • What Liturgists Read in Summer

    As we work to determine appropriate implementation strategies for the new translation of the Roman Missal, I am studying The Change Handbook.

  • Coming soon…

    Things are going to move very quickly in terms of the transition to the MR3 once the recognitio is granted, and that date looks to be not too far off.