New Leadership at Pray Tell Blog

I’m very happy to introduce the two talented individuals who will be moderating Pray Tell blog beginning this Friday, September 1: Katharine Harmon and Nathan Chase. As previously announced, I am stepping down as moderator, but will stay on as a writer and member of the editorial committee. As I pass the baton into the capable hands of Katie and Nathan, I know that Pray Tell will continue as ever in its mission to “promote the ongoing renewal of the liturgy and its transformative effects in the life of the Church and the world.”

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More Liturgical New Year’s Resolutions!

Liturgical New Years’ Resolutions

Here are more great New Year’s resolutions from the Pray Tell community. The first set is here.

I resolve to be more ecumenical in my worship practices. I would like to attend at least one worship service at each of the churches in my neighborhood and get to know the pastor. – David Turnbloom

To preside at the Eucharist as a servant, prayerful and reverent, according to the norms of the Second Vatican Council. – James Hess

One of my resolutions would be to pray harder for Pope Francis, as he visibly declines, and to pray that his successor continues in the trajectory he has set. – Paul Inwood

I will devote time to praying with Christians of the Western “lung” of Christ’s Church. – Nick Denysenko

I will recall a crucial lesson from seminary – we don’t “do” anything at liturgy, but are “done unto” by God. – Nick Denysenko

My resolution is to work on paying less attention to the things that I want to change about the music, presiding, etc., at a liturgy and focus more on the prayerfulness of the liturgy. In other words, I want to work on taking off my liturgical scholar’s hat and focus more on donning my baptismal robe. – Nathan Chase

I will try to be more patient with those with whom I disagree on liturgical choices – perhaps taking time to recognize that it is not simply because they dislike everything I like, but because change means loss for so many people… – Lizette Miller

I am going to get to the new hymnals and new music published so that I can have a sense of what is out there (instead of just putting it on the shelf). – Lizette Miller

And, I resolve to actually read the articles in Worship and other liturgical journals this year – honestly! – Lizette Miller

As I get older and my ability declines, to have the courage to retire from active involvement and hand over to the younger generation. – Alan Johnson

What are your liturgical resolutions? Send them to awruff [at] along with your full name and we’ll consider posting them. 

Liturgical New Years’ Resolutions

Here are some great New Year’s resolutions from the Pray Tell team.

I will pray, on the way to Mass, for the Holy Spirit to guide me and all those present ever more deeply into God’s presence, through this liturgy. – Teresa Berger

To refuse to demonize those who do not share my liturgical formation and values, but to try to find some mutually edifying common ground. – Michael Joncas

To promote Pope Francis’ invitation in Desiderio Desideravi to be formed for and from the Liturgy, in my own life and in that of my fellow believers. – Michael Joncas

To encourage younger church music composers as they provide new sounds supporting people’s liturgical expression of faith. – Michael Joncas

I will be mindful of Christ’s presence at the exchange of peace, mindful that Christ is reconciling and uniting in my words and gestures. – Anthony Ruff OSB

As I receive Communion I will be mindful of others, those both around me and in other places, so that Holy Communion does its work of forgiving relational faults and reconciling people. – Anthony Ruff OSB

To approach each of the four scripture proclamations on Sunday first as God’s revelation on their own, secondarily as they relate to/harmonize with the Gospel pericope. – Alan Hommerding

As a musician, to allow musical selections to resonate more broadly with—to elaborate on or expand—rather than merely repeat the scriptural insights of the day. A musical version of the Patristic use of scripture to preach on scripture. – Alan Hommerding

Also, as a musician, to look at the other ritual texts of the day as a source for musical selections; moving beyond the sola scriptura approach. – Alan Hommerding

I will seek to worship *with* and not merely alongside those in the assembly. – Timothy Brunk

What are your liturgical resolutions? Send them to awruff [at] along with your full name and we’ll consider posting them here. 

REPOST: New hymn, “Never Silent in Your Praises”

A fine new hymn from Saint John’s Abbey is now available at no cost. It was commissioned for the blessing of the abbey pipe organ, expanded from the 1961 three-manual 64-rank Holtkamp to four manual and 112 ranks by Martin Pasi.

The text is by Sister Delores Dufner, OSB with the tune SAINT JOHN’S ABBEY composed by Sally Ann Morris.

The hymn is available for reprinting at no charge, provided full copyright information is included,  in the following formats:

The premiere of the hymn at the abbey is found here.