Author: Andrew Casad

  • Dedicating, Blessing, and Consecrating the New

    The incessant pounding of construction has finally come to a close at St Thomas More and at the vigil Mass Saturday evening our bishop dedicated, blessed, or consecrated quite an array of buildings: a 29,000 square foot parish center that includes a social hall and professional kitchen, a parish library, the St Lawrence fireplace, adult…

  • Catholic Convocation studies the forthcoming Roman Missal

    Yesterday I participated in the Catholic Convocation of the Diocese of Raleigh. The Sacred Liturgy: Proclaiming, Celebrating, and Witnessing to the Mystery of Christ focused on preparing the faithful for the reception of the forthcoming third edition of the Roman Missal.

  • Has the concept of friendship died?

    In the ongoing conversation about the beatification of John Henry Cardinal Newman I must admit to being rather confounded with all the ink (or bytes) spilled concerning the question of the cardinal’s sexuality. Father Ian Ker commented in his article published in the May 25 issue of The Times that even raising the question of…

  • Remembering a Sequence

    Today, the memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows, was one of those rare chances I had to use a sequence during our liturgical life. The Stabat Mater, though it appears under the heading for Lent in the hymnal our parish uses, was sung this warm autumn evening.

  • The Eritrean Catholic Rite: Hybridity and Authenticity

    I began studying Eritrean Christianity in 2003 by praying with and learning from Eritrean Orthodox Christians in San Diego at the beginning of my doctoral studies in cultural anthropology which subsequently lead to my fieldwork in Eritrea in 2005. Although it had been my intention to primarily gather more information about the Eritrean Orthodox liturgy…

  • Houses of Catechumens?

    Part of me senses that if we are serious about apprenticing people in the Christian way of life such that it permeates every aspect of their lives this formation must be done in an all encompassing environment of faith from dawn to dusk of every day (such as a family or a seminary) and not…

  • Reveling in the Book of Kells

    A couple of months ago, on the recommendation of a catechumen with whom I am blessed to work, I watched The Secret of Kells, an animated Irish film.

  • Ordinary Time, White Dresses

    It’s July. It may be Ordinary Time but those of us in parish life know that this is wedding season.

  • Technology and the Liturgy

    This week’s news has been full of conversation about the use of technology by powerful world organizations. FIFA is under fire for poor calls referees made in two World Cup matches on Sunday that could have been avoided with the use of technology. And, an earlier post here reporting on the Vatican’s response to Father…