Funeral Liturgies of the British Monarchy: The death of Queen Elizabeth one year on

The Society for Liturgical Study is delighted to host a one-day Study Day on Saturday, 9 September 2023 (9.30am–3pm, followed by Evensong). One year after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, this special Study Day offers a timely opportunity to reflect on the liturgies used to mark this momentous occasion.

The Study Day will include a visit to Westminster Abbey, allowing participants to visit one of the
central “sites” in the Queen’s staged funeral rites, and there will be an opportunity to hear first-hand reflections from Abbey clergy involved with the funeral service.

A selection of short research papers hopes to encourage discussion on:
o the role of funerary liturgies in the public and private, national, local and international
mourning of the late Queen;
o the design of such liturgies; as well as the considerations, practical and theological, which
guided their construction;
o the challenges and opportunities posed for parochial practice by such public liturgies.

Presenters include:

Dr Natacha Tinteroff
The Liturgy of the State Funeral of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II: Representations and Images of Common Prayer in the 21st Century

Dr Rob Barward-Symmons and Dr Rhiannon McAleer (Bible Society):
Ritual, Liturgy and Perception: Public Attitudes towards the Role of Religion and the Bible in the Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Revd Adrian Dorrian
Broadcasting Grief: Mediating the Late Queen’s Funeral on the Radio in Northern Ireland

Andrew Robinson, MA
Words of Faith and the Music of Comfort

Up-to-date information about the Study Day, including a draft programme, and registration form can be found on SLS’s website HERE.





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