Pray Tell Bracket: Best Ever Gregorian Chant (Round of 16)

With March Madness happening, Pray Tell has decided to take part in the bracket-style tournaments! Every week, you can choose a winner of each matchup until a champion is decided. We will be starting off by choosing the best ever Gregorian Chant. An updated bracket will be posted every Monday and voting will close on Friday. Vote below now!

After we decide on Pray Tell’s favorite Gregorian Chant, we will choose our favorite John Wesley hymn.


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7 thoughts on “Pray Tell Bracket: Best Ever Gregorian Chant (Round of 16)

    1. Honestly no real reason. We had to leave a few good ones out, including the Easter Sequence.

  1. It would help to have an audio link for each entry. I’m ashamed to admit it but I don’t know all the chants included!

  2. I have a question about the exact format of the shorter version of the sequence for Corpus Christi. I have written a chant, but I am not sure I have divided the last lines with 5 parts correctly. Can you advise me? I could send you what I have written.
    Thank you.

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