Bishop Bode: Bless Same-Sex Unions?

Bishop Franz-Josef Bode, vice president of the German Bishops’ Conference, has called for consideration of blessing of same-sex unions, German media report.

“One could consider, for example, a blessing – which is not to be confused with a marriage,” he said today. “We must discuss this more thoroughly in the church. Silence and taboo do not lead us forward and cause uncertainty.”

Bishop Bode notes that “marriage for everyone” is a political reality. “We must thus ask ourselves how we treat those who enter into these relationships and also are sometimes involved in the church,” the bishop said. “How do we accompany them pastorally and liturgically? How do we do right by them?”

Bishop Bode said further, “We must reflect on how we would appraise with nuance a relationship between two people of the same sex. Is there not much that is positive, good, and right, to which we must do greater justice?

Bishop Bode was ordained auxiliary bishop in 1991, and John Paul II named him Bishop of Osnabrück in 1995. He was elected vice president of the German Bishops’ Conference in September, 2017.